Sunday, 22 April 2012

3D LED TV Samsung UN60D8000

3D LED TV Samsung UN60D8000

Actually, this is the first TV Samsung 60 inch flat screen. Area in 8000 attracted a series of steps 46, 55, 65-inch screen.

So, what is the purpose behind? Well, this is a "hole" in screen size between 55 and 65 inch Samsung screen, but ... My feeling is the purpose of this argument is the 60 inch XBR Sony has sold well. So, after the loss of this trick, forecasts Samsung feels it close the gap.

Samsung LED TV UN60D8000 3D cinema experience designed to give the 60-inch screen. Offers full 1080p HD in two and three dimensions. This "Wide Color Enhancer Plus" know how to do the very bright colors and pictures. Other technical developments in the "Ultra Clear Panel" is also helpful to compare the color and light to create very specific. It also helps to meet the global picture of the effect of the loss distribution before. The result is a very good example for "A" is very special for the first time I saw him.

In addition to produce exceptional color clear, ensuring that led to the TV, with deep blacks, rich and white light. To make it better than the Samsung 3D TV "Micro Technology dimmer" almost black on the screen produces a different ratio of 25,000,000:1 ... Samsung will offer the best.

Another new feature included in the 3D LED TV to improve the quality of the picture, "The 960 Open Offer". Samsung has researched deeply discounted rate, the speed of image processing in the background and expertise to provide a beautiful TV and Clear Motion Rate. This means that they can handle high-speed images without visible distortion or degradation. It definitely pushed forward in Samsung technology, "benefit" from the manufacturer, VIZIO, and LG. However, it is still "strong" compared with a loud voice capabilities 3D 3D.

Technology all the content in 3-D TV is designed to provide a true viewing experience either in 3D or 2D. You have the shutter glasses free 3D effect and TV (two pairs) so that they are well positioned to 3D from the start. In fact, active shutter glasses that better media (especially with sunglasses), but Samsung said it has updated the program and is lighter and more comfortable now. Samsung is also easy to fit into a medicine glass. There is also a battery, which is another change that is needed.

Therefore, this TV will offer an exceptional experience, but more than just a TV, a full entertainment center. This is a website developed by 3D LED TV with built-in Wi-Fi. Skype is activated, it means that calls can be made clear the depth of the TV video technology (such as Skype to remain stable because he has done well recently).

This TV "Smart" TV is a vast library of downloadable content is accessible directly from the Internet. It provides a large list of social networking to connect the music and film. funds also benefit from an integrated browser to use. All vessels CNA information is activated, you can use the TV in full. And you can transfer content to wireless devices using Samsung Allshare technology.In establish probable events that you can communicate more ... Usually 4 HDMI inputs, including USB and one Ethernet port more 3x or less what you need.

Samsung LED TV UN60D8000 3D is an extension of an interesting variety of high quality Samsung TV. Smart TV is surely more than TV ... works as a full home entertainment center. Samsung television, including a wide selection that anyone who want. What to do with it, trump television come from games and the Internet, from 2D to 3D offers all levels and in fact higher.

No doubt that times are now tough economic conditions and television reflect the total sales figures, but as a budget and want to improve TV, Samsung 3D TV UN60D8000 down in the box may be single!

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