Sunday, 22 April 2012

3D LED TV Series Samsung E8000 3D Plasma TV Series and ES8000

3D LED TV Series Samsung E8000 3D Plasma TV Series and ES8000

Samsung has made a great impact on, Show Guide this year, Electronics in Las Vegas offers a new line of HDTV models in 2012.

The new company will be displayed on the OLED TV model with more emphasis on other sheets of high-performance glass for the screen. OLED technology is very likely to be next in line will be used for HDTV luxury, but requires several years before it affordable for everyone.

Samsung has used OLED model to show the line of plasma televisions and power to enable 3D 2012 3D LED TV release spring.

Series E8000 Samsung 3D Plasma TV

Samsung E8000 is a new series of 3D plasma TV comes in three models 51-64 inch screen size. Three new models capable of intelligent television, including able to show 3D.

The first thing to attract attention when we see a new model Samsung plasma TV is a great design and big screen, and 1.5 inch thick ultra-thin bezel. narrow edge titanium frames and iron black and clear glass Finish.

You will not be disappointed in the least when you look at the characteristics of both. Real Pro Black Samsung technology is what helps make this screen a variety of high, black and fabulous color palette in both 2D and 3D.

three models can all PN59E8000 PN51E8000 E8000 PN64E8000 smart TV. They can connect to your home network via WiFi and allows any user to access popular Internet-based streaming services like Netflix, VUDU, or Pandora, and using certain applications from Samsung, which enables features such as voice and control signals.

Also important is the 2D-3D grading work allows you to see your collection of old 3D movie. Samsung has been no word on price or availability of the E8000 series, but is expected to reach the market sometimes in April.

Samsung LED TV series 3D ES8000

If you are looking for an affordable option for 3D-enabled display in 2012, better watch ES8000 series of Samsung LED HDTVs.

New Samsung LED TV series at the CES show in Las Vegas comes in slim and attractive, but has led to many of their customers in 2012 Kit Samsung change.

Samsung growth Kit will enable users to improve the connector on the TV next year, replacing the chip on the board rather than replacing the entire TV. If you are a Samsung fan and want to keep with modern technology that comes each year is the easiest way to do it.

Samsung ES8000 series is available in four models: 46ES8000, 60ES8000, 65ES8000 and 70ES8000.

All come with Full HD 1080p panel, 2D and 3D support for popular 3D to work. There are many new features including new screens enhance the image quality and offers a contrast ratio and deeper blacks.

Basically, it will have all available plasma TV models in 2012 at a reasonable price. Mental models ES8000 TV the ability to enable various functions to manage the voice and motion control using the built-in webcam.

You still have to connect to Internet services based on the flow and enjoy the content or application online and surf the web using Smart TV from Samsung.

New Samsung LED TV model ES8000 sometimes in April, and if you plan to upgrade the TV in 2012, E8000 and Samsung ES8000 series worth your attention.

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  1. I love that these TVs can be updated in the future; I’ve been shying away from TVs since they seem to be outdated almost as soon as they are bought. I want a TV like the ES8000 that will make the most out of the HD channels that I have from Dish that are Free For Life. I usually watch the football games at the bar with my friends, but having a brilliant picture would ensure my house as the best place to watch sports. I’ve been asking many of my co-workers at Dish which TVs they would recommend, and Samsung was one of the best to them. I hope to have one of these TVs very soon!