Monday, 23 April 2012

LED TV Review LG 22LE3300 22-Inch

LED TV Review LG 22LE3300 22-Inch

Samsung LED TV is sharp, clear images with excellent contrast and ultra-thin design LCD TV. It has a little light either on the TV or behind the TV. Samsung LED TV energy efficiency energy consumption compared to LCD TV. HD Ready is free to use vision for the digital transition. Sony TV as well for more than 40 ways Freeview and radio, have the ability to access the digital interactive services. HDTV is a new standard that provides better picture quality, sound. Come almost to the point of giving more color, step, resolution of the image of what you see in the film. HDTV pictures are very clear, sharp and quite animated. USB input that helps to connect a digital camera, MP3 player and flash player via the USB port to see your latest photos and music collections.

22LE3300 LG 22 inch HD TV 720 leading picture quality and ultra-thin design smart and can adapt to any environment. This TV saves energy by 40% in energy consumption compared to LCD TV. panel including the built and equipped with a cloth for easy cleaning. Most LG 22LE3300 22 in the background, providing a deeper black and white from white duach compared with standard options. Has a different meaning than the actual amount that you feel like the picture. It has a contrast ratio and a complete solution. They believe that the angle is good, both horizontally and vertically.

frame is a thin speakers and invisible technology for clear voice. The sound quality can not find qualified home hi-Fi, but it is good to hear. LG 22LE3300 22 of which came a clear voice technology. dialogue to be heard, especially when the background is too noisy. There are more than noise in different parts of the film. It has a smart sensor. This means that the TV set picture quality on a voluntary basis. LG 22LE3300 lead 22 best TV viewing experience. 41 watt power consumption, which is great for any situation. button on the TV is very sensitive to touch and remote control is very good and ready for use. Environment is the perfect skin tones and bright colors. image quality in a large increase in common. Menu system is great and easy delivery. It has a PC input component, SCART and digital audio output key. Other aspect is that the ideal weight is likely to have a relationship. One of the best part is that it saves energy compared to other TV.

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  1. Sehat Alami saya baru saja beli TV LG 22 inch tapi ada beberapa fitur yang belum saya ketahui seperti HDMI, M43 series. Tolong pencerahannya. Terimakasih..